Our Girls


This girl knows how to love and be loved! 

If there is a bird near, she is stalking and hunting for it! 

She has provided amazing additions to many great families across Western America. 

Her puppies are healthy and happy! 

Daisy is an outstanding mother to her pups, always keeping them on a routine schedule.

She is smaller framed with a very gentle and dainty temperament.

Daisy tends to lean on the protective side for our family which, we love. Never aggressive just alerts when company arrives.

Her litter will arrive in the January 2019. 


This girl has outstanding cognitive abilities and a heart full of love!

She has provided many wonderful additions to many families across Western America. 

Lola is an extremely quick learner! Her only desire is to be loved and to please those around her.

She loves game birds and her natural ability to point and flush have been very beneficial in the field. 

Lola has many desirable traits throughout her bloodline, with her recent ancestors being straight from Hungary. 

Her dad is an outstanding hunter and comes from champion bloodlines. 

Lola maintains a muscular and strong stature. 

She will have a litter of pups in the January 2019.