Prices and healthy puppy

Deposit For Reservation Of Puppy



Limited Registration (NON-BREEDERS) 

Female: $1200 / Male: $1000 


We accept payment through: 

PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Messenger, a Cashiers Check or Cash. 

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(If using PayPal please include 3% to the purchase price due to fees PayPal charges)

We do offer shipping of your puppy to your nearest airport at an additional cost to cover the plane ticket, certification of flying, and the airline appropriate crate. 


Litters are set up to be registered with the American Kennel Club which allows for blood-line tracking, and ensures that your dog is from a pure bred Viszla blood line.  The Pedigree allows for the generations of the dog's ancestors to be seen which can be helpful if you are looking for a specific Vizsla or bloodline. 

Keep Your Doggie Safe

We offer micro-chipping at an additional cost to ensure that if your puppy finds itself lost and is picked up and taken to a veterinarian or animal shelter, your pup will be scanned for a microchip to reveal their unique identification number. The phone number that was given in association with your dogs microchip will be called into the pet recovery service, and you will be contacted to come pick your lost puppy up. Its a great way to keep "tags" on your dog that won't fall off or wear off overtime. 

Ensure a Healthy Pup

We offer a Health Guarantee for your puppy which allows for comfort from both buyer and seller. This document can be obtained through request by contacting us. Both parties will sign the document before purchase is complete.

Vetrinarian Care

Pure Vizsla seek and point utilizes the care provided by Intermountain Pet Hospital for our pups. They have taken great care of our animals and have veterinarians that specialize in puppies. They love our puppies!